Examples of my work

City Courtyard Garden Before

City courtyard garden in need of attention after damp-proofing work.

City Courtyard Garden After

A new border created, soil improved and low maintenance classic plants added for seasonal interest. Lawn seed added to revitalise the lawn.

Herb Window Boxes

Window boxes filled with a mix of fresh herbs and edible plants create an attractive addition to the border and something for the kitchen.

Dark and overgrown entrance

In need of cutting back and brightening up.

Espalier in need of re-training

Overgrown and a little out of shape.

Light and tidy again

Tree and hedge cut back, cuttings removed  and entrance swept clean.

Tackling an Unruly Garden

Small Garden Before

Small garden before

Nettles and over grown shrubs make for an unloved section of the garden.

Small Garden After

Small garden after

Weeds cleared, shrubs cut to shape in a newly defined border ready for new planting, making a safe play area.

Ivy Before

Overgrown ivy fence

Left for too long the ivy has grown out onto the garden path.

Ivy After

Cut back ivy fence

Cutting back will allow the ivy to thicken and create privacy required from the neighbours.

Vegetable Garden Before

home-made greenhouse

An inherited clunky home-made greenhouse with overgrown fruit trees and bushes behind it make the area impractical.

Vegetable Garden After

Prepared plot ready for new veg

Removing the greenhouse and old fruit bushes, then mulching with fresh compost makes the area more spacious and ready for new fruit and veg.

Natural & Rustic Home Decorations for Christmas