My English Country Garden

Greenhouse in Spring

Early spring for bringing on plants in the greenhouse.

Lilacs and Clematis Montana

Lilac grown in a large pot wafts its sweet scent around a windy corner, whilst the montana creeps over the arch.

A Welcome Entrance

Borders filled with roses and lavender, colour and scents, typical of an English cottage garden.

Creating a New Border - Before

Creating a raised bed on a west facing side of the garden.

The New Border - After

Enjoying the bed packed with plants for year round interest.

Late Season Sedums

Provide a rich source of food for bees and butterflies.

Garden Ideas


Underplanting roses with spring bulbs like crocuses and snowdrops provides colour until the roses bloom in summer.

Provide a Home for Bees

Make a simple bee hotel from chopped bamboo canes and position in an sheltered sunny position. Watch the bees emerge from hibernation as the weather warms.

Spring Colour

Position pots of ranunculus by your front door, their rose clustered bright flower heads catch the spring sunshine.

Garden Seating

Make space for seating around the garden to sit and enjoy the border.

Summer Window Boxes

Brighten up your windows with simple planting to enjoy through the summer.

Mini Vegetable Plot

Even the smallest garden can find space for a place to grow lettuce and herbs for the summer.

All Creatures Great & Small

Garden Seating

Add a bench... for all members of the family.

Provide Pollinating Plants

Be sure to have a selection of good pollinators in your garden. Hibiscus is a good choice for late summer bumble bees.

Encourage Hedgehogs

In hot weather leave out a shallow bowl or tray of water at ground level and the hedgehogs may well visit you at night fall.

Crafty Catapillars

Every year we find this huge, but still amazingly camouflaged, privet hawk month munching on our lilac bush.


Enough Mint to Go Round

Not a huge pest, and as there is enough mint in the garden, we leave the mint beetles alone - their stunning blue bodies shine iridescently in the sun.

Look Carefully

Keep your eyes open. This white crab spider on the anemone just caught his dinner!

Seasonal Favourites

Spring Arrives

The simple crocus is a carpet of colour - just the job after a long winter.

Alliums Stand Tall

Liz Carter English Gardener - Aliums in Summer

The great allium Globemasters stand nearly 1m tall. Their giant pom-poms made up of hundreds of little star shaped florets.

Climbing Roses and Terracotta Pots

Pots allow for mixed planting and can be moved or replanted as needed to keep displays fresh and lovely.

Late Summer Before the Rain

Keep the grass cut between summer rain showers for a clean look, whilst the  flower borders mature into the late season.

Autumn Rich in Colour

The virginia creeper steals the show from the wisteria as autumn turns the leaves a stunning deep red.

Winter Wonders

Snow and ice crystals never fail to impress, even on the simplest leaf.